German Amateur Radio Station
Delta Oscar 8 Papa Golf Golf

JO31PH / Gevelsberg, NRW

Mostly QRV, also Portable, via:
70cm  FM: 433.500MHz (Shift ±0MHz)
70cm DMR: 433.450MHz (Shift ±0MHz)
  2m  FM: 145.500MHz (Shift ±0MHz)

But sometimes:
db0en  / 439.175 MHz (Shift -7,6 MHz - Echolink #6403) or
DMR+ via db0end TS2 / TG8 (and TG9) / Refl. 4672.
Sporadically via db0wet / 439.300 MHz (Shift -7,6 MHz)
DMR-ID: 2630587

Sometimes also on db0enl - echolink #340050
Speaking of echolink: #996515 / do8pgg (…also sporadically…)
do8pgg-5 (Sporadically via aprsdroid (Please support the developer by making a purchase!!))
do8pgg-7 (When I am outside with the pd785 Portable)

Mail: ham @ this domain without www. (-:

DMR (Brandmeister!) is unfortunately too cumbersome and too much QRM here in the village.
So I will do without it until I have an MMDVM hotspot

(All following pages are in German)
My used radios:
70cm:              Hytera         md785g
70cm/p:            Hytera         pd785g
70cm/p:            Midland-Alan ct410
70cm/p and 2m/p: Baofeng        uv-5r ex
10m/p:             Midland-Alan  42d

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Why should I be a radio amateur?
Should one become a member of the DARC?

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EGCL - Extendet German Callsign Lookup (-:

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